Spanish for Yoga Teachers

¿Cómo se dice yoga en Español?

Teaching yoga is my passion, being bilingual gives me the opportunity to reach more people and spread the message of yoga that changed my life. If you are a yoga teacher or a fitness professional, and you want to teach in Spanish, we have a great tool for you!

Sylvia Gonzalez and I have compiled the basic yoga terminology we use and put it into a 12-page booklet. Includes translations for basic yoga and fitness terminology such as anatomy, action verbs, and directions.

It’s available in print and as a digital download and it’s aim is to help you begin teaching in Spanish with a solid foundation. If you need more help in beginning your teaching journey, we can assist you in finding clarity and direction with a group workshop or an individual coaching session.

Get your copy here :

One thought on “Spanish for Yoga Teachers

  1. Great idea! In my experience, I have had to give instructions to Spanish, German, and Japanese students. It is helpful to know “right” “left” “leg” “foot” “arm” “torso” “hand” “head” “up” and “down”. Everything else is just demo, demo, demo. Many blessings!

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