About me

Evelyn comenzó a practicar en 2006. Actualmente se encuentra en Chicago enseñando clases bilingües, yoga para sobrevivientes de cancer y asistiendo el Programa Ashtanga Mysore en Mysore Chicago Yoga.

Desde 2013 colabora con Alas Wings (Latina Association for Breast Cancer) y YogaCareUS. Ha colaborado con  Univision y Norwestern University. 


Evelyn Rodriguez is convinced of yoga’s power to change lives. That is why she shares her passion teaching, adapting her classes based on the needs of her students with special attention to breathing and alignment focusing on the mind-body connection, so more people can benefit from this wonderful discipline.

She is currently in Chicago teaching bilingual classes, yoga for cancer and Assisting  Mysore Program at Mysore Chicago Yoga.

Evelyn collaborates with Alas Wings (Latina Association for Breast Cancer) and YogaCare since 2013. And have collaborated with Univision and Northwestern University.



  • CYT Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Certificación de Yoga4Cancer